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Can I Still Breastfeed After Inverted Nipple Repair?

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While most women are primarily concerned with inadequate correction and/or loss of nipple sensation following inverted nipple repair, the principal concern I see for younger women who have not yet had children is the ability to breastfeed. During the consultation process, I counsel young women seeking inverted nipple repair about […]

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Dr. Horton Featured in Bay Area Media – Breast Reconstruction Options

I was interviewed this fall by a breast cancer survivor and an author about options for breast cancer reconstruction.  This woman lives in Florida and was astounded when she learned in her chemotherapy group that other women were not offered breast reconstruction at all by their treatment team, or were […]

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“Massaging the butter”: Watch our CoolSculpting Video

The following is a video of an actual CoolSculpting patient having their treatment.  The video shows removal of the fat-freezing device from a roll of fat on the ‘flank’ (love handle or muffin top) on the side of the abdomen. When the handpiece is removed, you can see the fat […]

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