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3 Common Breast Augmentation Concerns that Shouldn’t Have You So Concerned

Three of the most common concerns I hear during a breast augmentation consultation include: “I don’t want to look fake.” “I don’t want my results to be obvious.” “I hear surgery is very painful. I’m worried about not being able to exercise afterwards the same way I do now.” In […]

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Vatican criticism of Plastic Surgery – It is REALLY like “wearing a skin burqa”?

The Vatican recently weighed in on my profession:  Plastic Surgery for women. This week’s headlines included the following:  “Vatican Report Calls Cosmetic Surgery A ‘Burqa Made Of Flesh“.  Another report stated “Vatican to women: Plastic Surgery hides natural appearance“. For the Pope to belittle the field of Plastic Surgery and […]

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“Mini-abdominoplasty” – a “mini” job?

Patients often contact me seeking a “mini-abdominoplasty”.  They want correction of the separation of their abdominal muscles after pregnancy – known as rectus diastasis – but are afraid of a long scar and a long recovery.  Some surgeons might try to “sell” the idea of a lesser, more gentle and less […]

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Do Plastic Surgery results have to look ‘plastic’?

Does all Plastic Surgery have to look ‘plastic’?  OF COURSE NOT. The Bay Area, and San Francisco in particular, has a natural, conservative aesthetic and most patients we see in the office do NOT want to look different, ‘done’, ‘frozen’, startled, or ‘plastic’! An immobile, strange-looking face that is immediately […]

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Plastic Surgery for Men

Is Plastic Surgery for men too?  OF COURSE. We all want to look and feel our best, regardless of whether we are men or women (or somewhere in between – which is a reality in San Francisco!). Although the majority of Plastic Surgery patients in most practices are women, and we […]

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Plastic Surgery Myth #10: It’s Just for Women

Is Plastic Surgery for the ladies only?  Absolutely not!  MEN want to look and feel their absolute best just as much as women.   Maintaining a healthy, firm and athletic physique is important for men, as they continue to feel vital and youthful as they age. Men’s bodies and faces […]

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Plastic Surgery Myth #9: It’s too risky

Is having Plastic Surgery too risky?  Here’s an honest answer from a Plastic Surgeon:  “IT CAN BE”.    What does this mean? Today, many health care professionals, including MDs (Doctor of Medicine), DOs (Doctor of “Osteopathy”), RNs (Registered Nurses), NPs (Nurse Practitioners), PAs (Physician Assistants), DDS’s (Dentists), Orthodontists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, […]

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Plastic Surgery Myth #8: Implants affect breast feeding

Breast implants are placed to augment the natural volume of a woman’s breasts, to correct congenital asymmetries or abnormalities (such as Poland’s Syndrome or tubular breasts), as part of a Mommy Makeover procedure, or to help add volume during a concurrent breast lift (known as mastopexy-augmentation). Breast augmentation, by definition, […]

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Plastic Surgery Myth #7: Breast implants are not safe

The most common question I am asked in a breast augmentation consultation is “are breast implants SAFE???”.  The answer, definitively and scientifically is:  YES. The Plastic Surgery community worldwide has innumerable data and decades of clinical research to back this up.  In fact, breast implants, and especially silicone gel implants, are […]

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