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Breast Reduction: Things to Consider

It is important that all women considering a breast reduction understand the possible risks and complications of surgery, especially those that relate to the unique functions of the breast. The female breast serves two important functions: production of breast milk and erogenous sensation to the nipple and areola. The superomedial […]

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Plastic Surgery Myth #3: You’ll have unsightly scars

 It’s true, the reality is that Plastic Surgery does involve the creation of SCARS. However, the location, length, number and quality of scars is extremely important and one that my practice pays VERY close attention to.  Whether you are considering a procedure on the face, breasts or body, scarring is […]

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Plastic Surgery Myth #2: It’s too expensive

Is Plastic Surgery really ONLY for the rich and famous?  Is it really THAT expensive?  NO!!! They myth that most Plastic Surgery procedures are extremely expensive and out of the question for the average person is actually quite the opposite. Most of my patients are not wealthy ‘Housewives of the […]

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