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Labiaplasty reasons, how much tissue is removed, incision location & results!


People ask me all the time, when I tell them that I do MANY labiaplasties for women in the Bay Area, “Why do women want a labiaplasty???” What do these women complain about?  Women coming for a labiaplasty consultation describe to me the following symptoms and experiences: Discomfort with extra labia minora (mucosa) […]

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Breast Implant Massage – Why it’s done and why it’s important!

breast implant massage2

Following a breast augmentation, we teach our patients breast implant massage.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt! (Although we realize it looks a little strange to newcomers)… Moving the implant around inside its pocket is very important to ensure that the breast augmentation maintains a natural look, and it prevents the […]

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Plastic Surgeon in San Francisco Reveals All About Earlobe Repair Surgery

earlobe repair,gauged earlobes,nonsurgical earlobe rejuvenation,san francisco plastic surgeon

Dr. Karen Horton discusses what patients can generally expect in regard to the treatment process and recovery for earlobe correction surgery. San Francisco, CA — “Earlobe repair is a popular procedure among both men and women at my practice,” states San Francisco Plastic Surgeon Karen Horton, MD. “Women usually wish […]

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What is Recovery from Earlobe Repair Like?


Following earlobe repair surgery, which occurs as a minor office procedure performed by Dr. Horton under local anesthesia, some mild swelling, bruising and/or numbness can generally be expected in the treatment area.  These temporary side effects will subside within a few days.  Usually only oral acetaminophen (Tylenol) is required for postoperative […]

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Bay Area Plastic Surgeon Reveals All about Liposuction for Men

liposuction,plastic surgeon in san francisco,male liposuction,candidates for liposuction

Karen Horton, MD discusses why liposuction is such a popular procedure among male patients seeking cosmetic enhancement. San Francisco, CA — “The most popular surgical procedure men seek in my office is, without a doubt, liposuction,” states Dr. Karen Horton, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in San Francisco. She notes […]

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