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In a breast cancer patient’s words – Nipple-sparing mastectomy and immediate implant reconstruction experience

Breast reconstruction CAN and SHOULD be the silver lining of a breast cancer diagnosis. Although I am a Plastic Surgeon and a Reconstructive Microsurgeon, and I generally prefer to use the body’s own tissue for reconstruction of the breast (DIEP flap or TUG flap), in many cases extra fatty tissue […]

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BRA (Breast Reconstruction Awareness) Day 2016 in San Francisco!

2016 marks the 5th time I have hosted the only San Francisco Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day event.  And this year topped all the others! BRA Day Eve at Pure Barre San Rafael We started off celebrating breast reconstruction awareness by hosting our second annual private fitness class at Pure Barre […]

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Only BRA Day Event in San Francisco and Bay Area to Be Hosted by Dr. Karen Horton

Karen Horton, MD is hosting the fifth annual BRA Day event at her San Francisco practice.

Dr. Karen Horton is set to host an event for Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day at her San Francisco practice to shed light on various reconstructive options for women facing breast cancer. San Francisco, CA — From 12–2 p.m. on Wednesday, October 19th, 2016, Dr. Karen Horton and her team are […]

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Dr. Horton Featured in Bay Area Media – Breast Reconstruction Options

I was interviewed this fall by a breast cancer survivor and an author about options for breast cancer reconstruction.  This woman lives in Florida and was astounded when she learned in her chemotherapy group that other women were not offered breast reconstruction at all by their treatment team, or were […]

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BRA Day 2014! Photos from Dr. Karen Horton’s Bay Area San Francisco event

Today’s third annual BRA (Breast Reconstruction Awareness) Day was a HUGE success!  We are pleased and honored to share photos of our event with you: A huge THANKS to all our attendees, and our sponsors of BRA Day 2014:  Allergan, Mentor, Sientra and Embrace Scar Therapy. What is BRA Day? […]

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Body image and breast cancer – an intimate link

Are a woman’s body image, her relationship with her breasts and breast cancer treatment linked?  YOU BET THEY ARE! How are body image, self-esteem and our breasts related?   Women have an intimate relationship with their bodies, for better or worse.  No one has a perfect body, and most women feel […]

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Why is a whole month dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness?

Breast cancer can affect us all.  I bet everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer – old or young, married or single, a mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, aunt, coworker or acquaintance.  Both women and MEN can be affected, although less than 1% of patients with breast cancer are male. […]

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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

It’s October!  That means NFL football, lots of pumpkins around, getting ready for Hallowe’en and seeing pink ribbons everywhere!  October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. See a video put out by about breast cancer, myths and facts: A large proportion of my practice is dedicated to helping breast […]

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