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Mastopexy and Augmentation

What is a Mastopexy-Augmentation?

A mastopexy (breast lift) and breast augmentation combines two of the greatest breast procedures we offer for women: a lift and a breast implant insertion at the same time! A Breast Lift creates a perkier, lifted, more youthful breast shape, and lifts the nipple and areolas to a higher position. A Breast Augmentation enhances the breast volume and creates a more balanced appearance to your body if you have relatively small breasts.

Combination mastopexy-augmentation achieves fuller, perkier and enhanced breasts with better projection in addition to correcting breast sagging and droop. Mastopexy and breast augmentation also replaces breast volume lost after having children or after significant weight loss. Breast lift and augmentation can improve a woman’s body image, self-confidence and sensuality by creating more proportional and rejuvenated breasts in relation to her curves and body frame.

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Who is a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift and Augmentation?

Good candidates for mastopexy-augmentation include women who are healthy, in good physical shape, and at their ideal body weight (or a stable weight following major weight loss). Please see our Preparing for Surgery section to learn more about ensuring you are an ideal candidate for surgery.

Typical Breast Lift Patients include women who have satisfactory breast volume but have sagging breasts that lack substance or firmness, known as breast “deflation”. This is most common after having children or after significant weight loss. Women seeking Breast Augmentation yearn for additional breast volume or to enhance relatively small breasts or those that have lost substance after weight loss or breast feeding. They often wear padding in their bra, or find they no longer fill out their brassiere cups.

Women who desire both a lift and increased breast volume are particularly good candidates for combined mastopexy and breast implant insertion. Their goal is to have the effect of a push-up bra with padding to enhance breast volume and projection; only a combined procedure will achieve this result!

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Is a Mastopexy- Augmentation Part of a Mommy Makeover?

Breast lift and breast augmentation is indeed a favorite of Moms as part of their Mommy Makeover! Many mothers long for the fullness and increased perkiness of their breasts from before they had children or perhaps while they were breast feeding their babies. A combined mastopexy and augmentation achieves Moms’ aesthetic goals in a single operation!

Please see our Mommy Makeover section to learn about changes that commonly occur in the breasts, the tummy and other areas of the body after pregnancy, and about combined mastopexy and breast augmentation as a component of a Mommy Makeover.

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What Are The Different Types of Mastopexy and Augmentation?

There are a variety of options for each technique of mastopexy (breast lift) and breast augmentation. Please visit our Breast Lift section to learn about mastopexy options, incisions and expected recovery. Visit our Breast Augmentation section to learn all about breast implants, the science and safety behind them, saline versus silicone gel, implant positioning, and additional education specific to breast augmentation.

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What Really Happens During Breast Lift and Augmentation Surgery?

Please see our Preparing for Surgery section to learn about what happens in the operating room on the day of surgery. Learn more about details of what happens specifically during Mastopexy surgery and during Breast Augmentation. Mastopexy-augmentation generally takes 3-4 hours to complete and is usually done as an outpatient procedure.

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Is Liposuction Part of a Mastopexy-Augmentation?

Liposuction can be added to any breast procedure to help shape the outer regions of the breast, providing the very best contour, and to remove fat from the armpit area and back “bra roll” regions. Liposuction contouring is often performed as part of a combined mastopexy-augmentation procedure. Your surgeon will examine these areas to determine whether liposuction is an appropriate addition to your breast lift and augmentation. Please see our Liposuction section for more information.

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Please visit our photo gallery to see before and after mastopexy-augmentation results!

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What Are Potential Risks and Complications of Combined Mastopexy-Augmentation Surgery?

When you are considering any type of surgery, you should be fully educated about potential risks and complications. Please see our Preparing for Surgery section to learn about risks and potential complications related to surgery and Postoperative Instructions for Breast Surgery for additional information pertaining to combined breast lift and augmentation procedures.

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At your mastopexy-augmentation consultation, your surgeon will spend a great deal of time with you to get to know you personally and take a complete medical history. As women Plastic Surgeons, we intimately understand how a woman’s feelings about her breasts can influence her self-image and her femininity, and we aim to give you the result you are looking for! We will explore your reasons for seeking a breast lift and augmentation, examine your breasts, and if you are an appropriate candidate for surgery, your options will be described in detail.

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