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Which Cosmetic Injectable Is Right for Me?

We offer a broad range of cosmetic injectables in order to address a variety of concerns. In some cases, a patient is looking to smooth lines and wrinkles of the upper face, in which case a neuromodulator like BOTOX® Cosmetic would be indicated. Another patient might be concerned with volume loss and sagging, which is when a dermal filler like Juvederm® or Restylane® would likely be used. There are many different dermal fillers on the market, and they range from thin and fluid-like (to address “etched-in” lines, such as the lipstick lines around the mouth) to fluffy and robust (to provide structural support to the midface to create a mid to lower face lift).

In order to select the right injectable, the patient’s facial anatomy, age, lifestyle, and desired outcome are all factors that are taken into account. What might work best for one person might not be the best treatment for another patient with the same concern. A comprehensive in-office consultation is important to determine the best course of treatment. Injectables are not one size fits all!

To learn which cosmetic injectable—or combination of injectables—is most appropriate for your concerns and aesthetic goals, please contact us to schedule your consultation.

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