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What Factors are Considered When Treating the Male Forehead?

Botox and other forehead treatments for menMale foreheads have thicker skin and deeper creases than those of females, and as a result they are treated differently – as they should be! Additionally, men’s hairlines are generally higher (often due to male-pattern baldness developing or thinning of the hair in the forehead region) and their brows are naturally set lower as well as more horizontal than women’s. Though these deeper, more defined forehead creases can contribute to a “distinguished look” in many men, what many fellows notice as they age are vertical creases that create an angry or tired appearance. For these creases, surgery is generally not required. In fact, a quick and virtually painless office treatment that takes just minutes can often be the fix!

BOTOX® injections in men can restore a less tired, more vital look while maintaining a normal and masculine appearance. Aesthetic Injectors at Horton SPA are experts at treating men, taking a conservative approach and starting slowly when addressing the male forehead. Vertical creases between the eyebrows that can become permanent with chronic muscle contraction are known as “glabellar lines”. BOTOX® injections can soften these lines, refreshing the brows and forehead yet still allowing muscle movement and normal facial expressions.

Ultimately, taking a conservative approach when treating men and understanding the differences in anatomy between men and women avoids creating a “frozen forehead” that is obvious in some celebrities and individuals exhibiting “bad BOTOX®” we all may have seen!

Karen Horton, MD

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