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What Can Men Expect from an IPL Treatment?

IPL for men in San Francisco, CAIntense Pulse Light (IPL) therapy can be a great option for men who are seeking photorejuvenation for the face, neck, chest, or even the hands. This is not a laser treatment, but a very effective light treatment that targets brown and red pigmentation. IPL treatments help lighten or get rid of brown spots that occur due to the natural aging process, but also from environmental and sun damage. It can be a great way to illuminate and brighten the face, which men can also benefit from!

Because IPL also targets red pigmentation, this treatment – which has no downtime and minimal discomfort – can be very effective for men with rosacea (a skin condition characterized by generalized redness on the cheeks and nose). IPL can also be very beneficial in reducing those unsightly blood vessels around the nose and cheek areas in men who have experienced sun or wind damage to their skin over the years.

When treating brown pigmentation, IPL sessions can be 10-15 minutes long, depending on the spots being targeted. We usually recommend two to three treatments about three to four weeks apart for optimal results. About four to five days after a treatment, patients can expect to see minor “coffee ground-like” scabs where the brown pigmented lesions are being pulled up to the surface. These will naturally fall off in a couple of days after they start forming, which is a natural result of skin exfoliation.

When treating rosacea or superficial blood vessels in men, I generally recommend three to five treatments spaced one to two weeks apart. Several days after the treatment, patients will typically start to notice a reduction in the generalized redness of the skin, as well as shrinking or complete reduction of blood vessels.

Though they can be an excellent option for qualified male candidates, IPL treatments are not for everyone. For this reason, it is important to have a consultation with one of our IPL experts in the office prior to treatment. During and in between treatments, patients will need to minimize sun exposure and wear appropriate sunscreen when outside. Therefore, fall and winter seasons are ideal for conducting these procedures.

Ultimately, IPL therapy can be an effective treatment with little to no down time for men who are busy professionally, but who want to look their best as they age.

Dr. Karen Horton, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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