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Hyperhidrosis (Treatment for Severe Underarm Sweating)

We offer treatment for excessive underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis)! Treatment options include:

Hydrosal Professional Antiperspirant Gel®

Hydrosol Professional is a unique product that contains 15% aluminum chloride and 2% salicylic acid. It is applied at night and the results last through the next day. It is recommended to be used nightly for a week, then used as needed (generally 2-3 times per week to maintain results). Common side effect is skin irritation, but that will generally go away as you continue to use the product. This is a great way to stop the yellow “armpit stains” on your clothing!

Botox ®

Botox is now FDA approved for excessive sweating! This is an effective treatment that works by blocking the stimulation of sweat glands, The treatment lasts over 6 months, and patients should notice improvement within 4 weeks. It requires about 15 injections in each underarm with a tiny needle. The treatment takes about 15 minutes, but you will be in the office for about 45 minutes. The clinical studies on Botox for excessive sweating found that 80% of patients reported a 50% reduction of underarm sweating at 4 weeks after the treatment.

If excessive underarm sweating is a problem for you, come in for a consultation to discuss the treatment options that would be best for you!

Dr. Karen M. Horton, M.D. - Plastic Surgery, Physicians & Surgeons - Medical-M.D., San Francisco, CA