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Natural-Looking Lip Augmentation: Does It Exist?

The answer is YES!

I have patients inquire about lip injections on a daily basis.  There are two categories of patients seeking this procedure:

1) Those who are noticing a decrease in the volume of their lips as they age and are hoping to restore their youthful pout.

2) Those who were born with thin lips and are hoping to balance out the rest of their features by increasing their lip size.

No matter what category they fall under, the underlying fear seems to be the same: “duck lips“.

Here are some examples:


We’ve all seen these dreaded “ducks lips” that result from too much lip filler. People see these results and assume that’s what they’ll look like if they have lip injections. The truth is, you don’t notice “good work”. Millions of people are opting for non-surgical cosmetic interventions to maintain their looks as they age. You can’t pinpoint the “work” per se, but you do notice how rested and refreshed they look. It’s important to find an injector that will be honest with you about what he/she feels would truly benefit you and that will set realistic expectations before every treatment. 

A natural aesthetic is key when it comes to lip injections!

Check out these before and after photos:



1 syringe Juvederm Ultra used. ‘After’ photos taken 2 weeks post-procedure.

If you’re interested in lip injections in the San Francisco Bay area, contact our office at (415) 923-3067 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Emily Sespaniak, NP-C

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