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male botox day 1 and 7

You know you are over 30 when you are waiting in line for the bar at your friend’s wedding and the topic of Botox comes up. Ten years ago, this topic would have never been discussed in this type of setting (although perhaps at a girls-only dinner party in hushed voices after a few glasses of wine). I was standing behind a couple who I am friends with and, knowing what I do for a living, the wife confessed to me that she had just gotten her Botox done. I asked if her husband knew about this (as some women prefer to keep their partner blissfully unaware of how they look so good!) and her answer both surprised and delighted me- “yes, he knows… he did it too!” At this point her husband was listening to our conversation and he turned around, raised up his eyebrows to show off his results, and proclaimed, “I think I need more in this area!” As they live in Southern California they were not able to come to me for their treatment, but overall I think the results looked good. At that point my fiancé overhears this conversation, and now knowing that his male friend openly gets Botox treatments, he turns to me and whispers, “Ok, you can do Botox on me again soon.” Awesome!!

*Something to know: the injection technique for men getting Botox is DIFFERENT than the technique for women! Women want a more arched brow, whereas it looks more natural for men to have their brow lay a straighter line across their forehead when at rest. If you are a “bro” thinking about getting “the tox”, make sure the practitioner you go to is experienced in treating both women and men.

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