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“Bro-tox” (Botox for Men): Addressing the Myths


As mentioned in a previous blog post, research is showing that more men are seeking out nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. They want to stay looking good as they age too! I’m finding that many of my female patients are starting to inquire about cosmetic options on behalf of the men in their life. They want to know whether men can also benefit from Botox. The answer is YES!

What is Botox?

In short, Botox is a product that is FDA-approved to treat facial wrinkles. It works by softening facial muscles so that they cannot becoming stronger over time, and therefore, the lines cannot get worse over time. It is as much a treatment for wrinkles as it is a preventative, which is why it is important to start sooner rather than later.


While we’re seeing more men in the office, the topic of cosmetic procedures still appears to be more taboo among men. Some of this can likely be attributed to myths floating around about Botox.

Below is a list of common misconceptions about Botox (sometimes referred to as Brotox”) and facts to dispel them.

MYTH #1: Botox is only for women. Brotox5

FACT: Botox Cosmetic is FDA-approved for the reduction of facial wrinkled in all appropriate adult patients. It is estimated that at least 1 in 10 Botox patients is male.     

MYTH#2: If I get Botox, I will look “done”. Friends & family will be able to tell.Brotox4 

FACT: The purpose of Botox is to soften facial lines and refresh your appearance. By doing your research and seeking out a highly trained, licensed professional with experience in the safe administration of Botox, your result should be natural. The idea is to look more rested and good for your age, NOT frozen or fake!

MYTH #3: Botox is a time commitment. clock

FACT: The majority of the patients I see are working professionals with busy schedules. The beauty of Botox is that it is a 10 minute procedure with no downtime. The effects last 3 to 4 months, so you figure you have 3 to 4 Botox appointments per year at 10 minutes each. That’s 30-40 minutes per year. Many people probably spend that much time per week waiting in line for a latte!

MYTH #4: We don’t know enough about Botox to determine its safety.FDAapproved

FACT: Botox was first FDA-approved in the 1980s to treat a variety of medical conditions. It was widely used in the 1990s and in 2002 Botox was FDA-approved for the cosmetic treatment of facial wrinkles. It remains one of the most widely studied and researched medical aesthetic products on the market.

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-Emily Sespaniak, NP-C



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