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Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Some individuals may not want or yet need full surgical facial rejuvenation, but may wish to address skin changes from aging, genetics, pregnancy-related changes or chronic sun damage. Non-surgical aesthetic treatments are minimally invasive, with little downtime, and may achieve similar or equivalent results while avoiding surgery.

To restore youthful fullness to the face, to plump the lips, enhance shallow contours or soften deep facial creases and wrinkles, minimally invasive procedures may play a role. Some patients choose to compliment their surgical procedures with non-surgical cosmetic treatments for the very best results.

The use of dermal fillers together with BOTOX® has been called the “liquid” facelift, eye lift or rhinoplasty because they offer many of the benefits of a surgical lift without the downtime of an invasive surgical procedure. Non-surgical facial rejuvenation cannot achieve the exact outcome as surgery, but it may help postpone future surgery to some degree and can complement the results of formal Plastic Surgery.

“Liquid Eye Lift”

The nonsurgical “liquid eye lift” can achieve modest rejuvenation of the eye area. This rejuvenative procedure involves the use of Injectable Fillers and/or BOTOX® to fill in depressions and deep creases or hollows above or below the eyes. Gentle elevation of the outer aspect of the brow can be achieved by selectively relaxing muscles around the eye, giving the eyes an overall refreshed look. Nonsurgical procedures have the advantage of improving the appearance of the eye region both at rest and with animation, and can last for many months to a year or two. Please visit our minimally invasive procedures section to learn more.

“Liquid Facelift”

A nonsurgical technique termed the “liquid facelift” uses injectable treatments to create subtle lifting of certain areas of the face such as the brow, eyes and cheeks and to fill in deep crevices in the face to achieve a rested and refreshed look. This procedure does not actually involve surgery. In addition to improving the appearance of the brow at rest, a nonsurgical procedure can eliminate the appearance of wrinkles both at rest and with animation. Please visit our minimally invasive procedures section to learn more

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