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Why I chose CoolSculpting

Working in non-surgical medical aesthetics, I am constantly bombarded with the latest products, treatments and procedures with claims to be the newest, best thing out there. I have learned to take all this with the proverbial grain of salt, because the person telling me how fabulous their product or treatment is also benefits when our office purchases whatever they are selling.

Both Dr. Horton and I believe in science and evidence-based results. If we don’t understand the biology, physiology or mechanics of how something works, we don’t believe the claims, despite how pretty the packaging and advertisements are. I admit, I was very skeptical when I heard about CoolSculpting, and thought “it sounds too good to be true.” Three weeks after I had my first treatment (left side only), there was such a noticeable difference between the treated side and the untreated side, that I called the sales rep for the company and insisted that they treat my right side also! At this point I was just a month away from my wedding, so I didn’t want to look “asymmetrical” in my wedding gown… The sales rep agreed, and he kept true to his promise and treated my other side. By my wedding day, my “muffin top” had disappeared and I felt svelte and confident on my big day.

Here’s why we chose to offer Coolsculpting at Horton SPA:

  • The science makes sense. The mechanics of how the treatment works is based on a discovery from Harvard physicans who discovered that kids who spent all summer sucking on popsicles would lose some of the fat in their cheeks. They determined that fat cells literally “freeze” at a higher temperature than it would take to harm any of the surrounding structures (skin, nerves, muscle, bone). Fifteen years later, CoolSculpting has been developed into the device we currently use!
  • It’s not designed as a “quick fix” for someone who makes poor lifestyle choices. CoolSculpting is best for individuals who are doing everything else right, but they have areas of exercise resistant fat around their abdomen and flanks. It is not a substitute for exercise and a healthy diet, and it will not reduce your risk of obesity-related illnesses. But it will help you to feel more confident with your body, look better in your clothes, and help to reduce or get rid of stubborn pockets of fat that are otherwise difficult to get rid of on your own.
  • It’s safe. The company has done extensive testing and research to ensure that the treatment works with our body’s own natural process of preprogrammed cell death (apoptosis) and does not elicit a reaction that is harmful to the body. Dr. Horton and I have also done our due diligence to ensure that this is safe for our patients. The fat cells that become cellular waste do not cause a change in liver enzymes, cholesterol levels, or blood chemistry. It does not cause necrosis of the skin or fat cells. Some patients who have CoolSculpting treatments experience tingling and numbness for a couple of weeks in the treated area, but it resolves and I have not had any patients who have experienced any symptoms for longer than that.
  • No downtime. Aside from feeling sore and a bit tender for 1-2 weeks, you can go back to your normal activities the next day (or even the same day!). You can exercise, go to work, pick up your kids, and do household chores (sorry!) as soon as you want to. No incision, no bleeding, no anesthesia. Easy!
  • Fast treatment, fast results. Each application of the applicator takes just 60 minutes. While every body is different, most patients will get 4-6 treatments in one day, and 4-10 treatments overall. The results can be seen as early as 4 weeks, but most patients see 70% of the results in 2 months, and may even continue up to 4 months.
  • It’s permanent. As adults, our fat cells can get bigger if we are consuming more calories than we burn, but we don’t “grow” more fat cells. Since the treatment actually induces apoptosis (preprogrammed cellular death), those cells are removed from our bodies by our lymphatic fluid and liver. The treated area actually has fewer fat cells, similar to liposuction. If you were to gain a significant amount of weight after your treatment, the fat would be evenly distributed over your body the way it normally would, but would not be concentrated in your prior “trouble area”. Most patients who do CoolSculpting are highly motivated to continue a healthy lifestyle to maintain their results!
  • It worked on me, and it works for my patients. If I had not done this treatment myself, I would not have believed the results. My patients are loving their results, and sending their friends to me to learn more. If I didn’t believe in the results, I would not be offering it to my patients, friends and family. It works!

Contact our office at (415) 923-3067 if you are interested in finding out more about CoolSculpting and to see if this treatment is right for you!


Coolsculpting patient- before and after

Coolsculpting patient- before and after

 male abdomen lower abdomen

Coolsculpting patient- before and after

Coolsculpting patient- before and after

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