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The Wild 94.9 VIP Event: Mommy Makeovers & CoolSculpting!


Dr. Karen Horton, Board Certified San Francisco Plastic Surgeon with Dreena Gonzalez, Wild 94.9 DJ at the Mommy Makeover VIP event

As a follow up to Dreena’s Mommy Makeover experience at my office, Wild 94.9 held a VIP event for their listeners recently at their iHeartMedia VIP lounge in San Francisco.  This one-of-a-kind special event featured food and wine, a live discussion between Dreena and me about Mommy Makeovers and CoolSculpting.


Walking into the Wild 94.9 headquarters, also host to other Bay Area radio stations. What a thrill to see my name and photograph when I entered the building!


Our Mommy Makeover event educated Wild 94.9 listeners about options for women to get their bodies back after having children, including CoolSculpting!


Brochures and information about non-surgical procedures at Horton SPA, including CoolSculpting, Botox, dermal fillers, IPL and surgical Mommy Makeover options


My personal “VIP” of the office, Patient Coordinator and Office Manager Mary Pasache!


Mary Pasache has been with my office for 20 years! She is an expert at coordinating Plastic Surgery procedures and she truly is a Wonder Woman!

Dreena came to my office for a Mommy Makeover consult early in October.  At that visit, we discussed all her options for rejuvenation of her breasts, body and other areas of stubborn fat.  In other words, a Mommy Makeover!  

While she is a candidate for surgery, I recommended against a major surgical procedure at this time because she is extremely busy at work and being a MOM!  To hear Dreena’s thoughts about her Mommy Makeover consultation in my office, read her blog post here.

At the start of our event, Dreena and I continued the conversation about Mommy Makeovers that we started in a video interview recorded in the iHeartMedia VIP lounge several weeks ago.  To see this video on Dreena’s Mommy Makeover blog, CLICK HERE!


It is so fun talking with Dreena from Wild 94.9 about Mommy Makeover options for Moms, and her OWN experience having CoolSculpting in my office!


On her Mommy Makeover blog, Dreena also posted a video of her getting a CoolSculpting treatment.  She reported feeling comfortable and relaxed, and that it was a luxury to not be running around after her kids (aged one and three) or rushing to get to work.


Dreena candidly told VIP guests about her personal experience with CoolSculpting in 9 areas of her body!


At two months since Dreena’s CoolSculpting treatment, she told guests that her boyfriend had noticed results, and that her clothes were fitting better. Dreena acknowledged that having CoolSculpting motivated her to become more active and get to the gym, since she was already starting to see results!

After our on-stage discussion, I presented an educational presentation about Mommy Makeover options, both surgical and non-surgical at Horton SPA.


“What is a Mommy Makeover?” is the number one question asked by Moms seeking to improve their breasts, tummies and other areas of their bodies after they have finished having children.

A Mommy Makeover traditionally involves surgery of the breasts and tummy, done together in a single surgery.  

  • The breasts can be lifted, filled out with an implant (breast augmentation), or occasionally reduced.
  • A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is often added to repair muscles that have been permanently separated from pregnancy, weight gain and skin stretching.
  • Stretch marks are surgically removed, skin is tightened and tucked, with the goals of a taut, flat, abdomen.
  • Liposuction is often added to other areas to achieve the very best body contour in a single surgical procedure.
  • Some women add other procedures such as a labiaplasty (to trim long labia minora) tissue, Botox, fillers or other Horton SPA treatments as well!

As a Plastic Surgeon and a Mom myself, I know firsthand how pregnancy can cause permanent changes in a mother’s body!


I showed realistic, actual before-and-after surgery results of liposuction, breast augmentation, breast lifts and reductions, tummy tucks and more!


I educated VIP listeners that combining procedures such as a tummy tuck with a breast lift and augmentation allows complimentary rejuvenation of the breasts, tummy, hips, thighs and other areas in a single surgery lasting no more than 5-6 hours, with an overnight stay in the hospital and approximately a 6 week recovery.


I showed several before-and-after images of Plastic Surgery and gave information about what surgery can achieve, and what it cannot!



Education is my goal when talking to others about Plastic Surgery – what Plastic Surgery really involves, what it ISN’T, truths and myths about Plastic Surgery, who is a candidate and who should not have surgery!


I love showing people what silicone gel breast implants look like outside the body and how they feel: NATURAL!


I welcomed questions from the audience and provided real, honest answers about “who is a good candidate for Plastic Surgery?”, “who is NOT a good patient?”, “When is the best time to have my Mommy Makeover?”, and provided additional information about Botox, CoolSculpting, breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks, labiaplasty, breast lifts and more.

We were fortunate to also feature a special presentation about CoolSculpting from  Troy Magnuss from Zeltiq, the company that brought us this FDA-approved, non-surgical, NO DOWNTIME, “fat freezing” technology that I have embraced in my practice.


Following my educational presentation, I joined the audience in the iHeartmedia VIP lounge and listened to Troy’s presentation about CoolSculpting


Troy’s presentation on CoolSculpting, how it works, who is a candidate (um… ANYONE?!) and when you can expect results was incredible!


If you have a roll of fat that can be grabbed with two hands, then CoolSculpting can freeze it and permanently reduce that fat deposit up 25%!


Troy showed realistic results with CoolSculpting in real patients, and explained how the body only has a certain number of fat cells. When they are frozen with CoolSculpting and cleared naturally by the body, they will NEVER return!


At the end of our event, we answered questions from the audience. Questions about “who is a candidate?”, “what is the average price?”, “when can I come see you in your office?” were favorites.

In all, our VIP Mommy Makeover event was a HUGE success!


Thanks to the Wild 94.9 production team who put our VIP Mommy Makeover and CoolSculpting event on! The behind-the-scenes team was just as important as the presenters on the stage!


THANK YOU to the Wild 94.9 & iHeartMedia team who put our event on:  Dreena Gonzalez, Ashima Sarin, Ashley Patterson, Jenna Holmes, Eric Fisher & Jimmy Le, photographer!

Until the end of 2014, we are continuing to offer Wild 94.9 listeners special discounts!  Click on our Wild 94.9 link to learn more and to schedule your consultation before they are over!!!

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