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CoolSculpting® for Men Vs. Women: Part 2


CoolSculpting® is scientifically-based, clinically-studied, and has been FDA-approved for fat reduction in the abdomen, flanks, thighs and mid-section for both men and women. Each patient seen in our office is carefully examined by our Providers who have undergone extensive training through a “CoolSculpting® University” program and have received certification for […]

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CoolSculpting® for Men Vs. Women: Part 1


Compared to when we were in our 20s (or even 5 to 10 years ago), we tend to store more fat and gain weight despite being physically active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This can be frustrating and challenging for both men and women who lead busy work and home […]

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Labiaplasty is an EMPOWERING procedure for women – NOT mutilation!

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I was surprised and disappointed to see a recent quote by a politician in the UK that implied that labiaplasty surgery could be viewed as “female genital mutilation”. From The  “Theresa May has said that doctors who carry out ‘designer vagina’ cosmetic surgery could be committing a criminal offence, unless […]

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Be good & do good!

be good do good

Recently, a post on social media caught my eye.  There’s new sock company that is following the lead of other companies such as Toms shoes that give back to communities when you make a purchase.  Of course, I purchased some socks for my husband’s and my Christmas stockings! I was drawn […]

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The Wild 94.9 VIP Event: Mommy Makeovers & CoolSculpting!


As a follow up to Dreena’s Mommy Makeover experience at my office, Wild 94.9 held a VIP event for their listeners recently at their iHeartMedia VIP lounge in San Francisco.  This one-of-a-kind special event featured food and wine, a live discussion between Dreena and me about Mommy Makeovers and CoolSculpting. Dreena came to my […]

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Can I Still Breastfeed After Inverted Nipple Repair?

bay area ca breast procedures

While most women are primarily concerned with inadequate correction and/or loss of nipple sensation following inverted nipple repair, the principal concern I see for younger women who have not yet had children is the ability to breastfeed. During the consultation process, I counsel young women seeking inverted nipple repair about […]

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