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“Mini-abdominoplasty” – a “mini” job?


Patients often contact me seeking a “mini-abdominoplasty”.  They want correction of the separation of their abdominal muscles after pregnancy – known as rectus diastasis – but are afraid of a long scar and a long recovery.  Some surgeons might try to “sell” the idea of a lesser, more gentle and less […]

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Favorite medical-grade skin care – from Mary Pasache, veteran Plastic Surgery Coordinator

Mary Pasache, Patient Coordinator and Office Manager for Dr. Karen Horton and Horton SPA

Our Patient Coordinator and Office Manager, Mary Pasache, has seen just about every fad, trend, scientific development and even scams in Plastic Surgery, beauty and skin care.  Mary has run our office for nearly 20 years and is an expert at what works, what doesn’t, which treatments are just short-lived media […]

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Our patients love us on Yelp!

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A few years ago, we didn’t even know what Yelp was.  Now, in the Bay Area at least, it is the dominant online review site that patients look to for recommendations about everything, including Plastic Surgery! What is Yelp?  Yelp is an open-source, online review site that was founded in […]

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“CoolSculpting banished my bulge!”


In my San Francisco Plastic Surgery practice and at Horton SPA, our non-surgical cosmetic practice located at my Pacific Heights office, we are proud to offer only FDA-approved, scientifically based, and clinically studied procedures and products.  One of our absolute favorites over the past year is CoolSculpting! What is CoolSculpting?  CoolSculpting is non-surgical, […]

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Dr. Horton Discusses Post-Baby Bodies & Mommy Makeovers in Multiplicity Magazine

multiplicity magazine - dr horton

I was invited to guest-author an article for Multiplicity Magazine, a publication for parents of multiple-order children (twins, triplets, quads and more) about Plastic Surgery for mothers after they have finished their pregnancies.  Hosted by the website Twiniversity, this publication reaches nearly 100,000 families in over 150 countries.  Twiniversity is the largest […]

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“My CoolSculpting experience” – by Mary, our Patient Coordinator


The following is a description of our very own Patient Coordinator and Office Manager Mary Pasache’s experience with CoolSculpting, the novel non-surgical fat reduction technology we are proud to offer.  Written while she was having her treatment, Mary recorded her CoolSculpting experience and is enthusiastic to share it with us: “It’s […]

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