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Today I am thankful for…

It’s Thanksgiving week, and while others have the week off school or work, I am busier than ever. Why?

Plastic Surgery is crazy busy right before the holidays!  Read the recently published blog post that Emily Sespaniak NP-C and I prepared for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons explaining why cosmetic procedures are so popular during the holiday season.

Today, I am doing four Plastic Surgery procedures: a breast augmentation, a breast revision with reconstruction of nipples and areolas after breast cancer, and two labiaplasties.  Yesterday I performed three long cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries that took me into the evening hours.  My schedule is so busy lately as people have time off to recover from surgery, and the cooler weather is perfect for recovery after Plastic Surgery.

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are also very busy this time of year.  Everyone wants to look their best for holiday parties.  On that note, our Cyber Monday Horton SPA specials are right around the corner…

So what am I thankful for this holiday season?  

It’s simple – I’m thankful for my office team who makes the job I do so seamless and who allow me to focus on TAKING CARE OF PATIENTS with the individual and unrushed time, care and attention they each deserve!

Mary Pasache, my Patient Coordinator and Office Manager, is the one who holds everything together.  I joke that Mary actually is “my boss”, as she controls the schedule, flow and minute-to-minute details of my days during the week.  Mary is the first personal contact when new patients call to schedule a Plastic Surgery consultation with me, and she gets to know patients over the phone before meeting them in person.

Mary is the one in control of the office and surgery schedule, office finances, patient quotes, staff management, hiring and firing, office upkeep, breast implant inventory, and countless other tasks that go unnoticed by most and are likely not acknowledged on a daily basis.  Without Mary, the office and my practice would cease to function.  Thank you Mary, for all you do!!!

Nurse Mari is our in-office Registered Nurse who thoroughly educates our patients about their upcoming surgery at their second visit to the office – their preoperative visit.

After meeting with Nurse Mari, our patients universally express how relieved and relaxed they are and while they still are appropriately nervous, they are excited to embark on their body/breast/face improvement journey with us!

Emily Sespaniak, NP-C is my non-surgical counterpart in the office.  She runs Horton SPA and has earned the name the Bay Area’s “gentle injector” for her skill and expertise in Botox and other neuromodulators, dermal fillers, IPL or Clear & Brillant laser therapies, medical-grade peels, skin care and more!  Emily meets each of our Plastic Surgery patients to teach them about scar therapy, and she takes care of MY face and skin as well!  Thank you, Emily!

Sharron, Jenny and Jenae, who work in the back and front offices respectively, fill in the other spokes of the wheel of excellent patient care and a boutique, personalized experience in our office.  Without them, we could not carry out our highest level of patient care and provide the positive experience for our patients!  We treat each patient as a VIP – because they are!

And we are all spokes in a wheel of patient care.

THANK YOU to my office team who are all WONDER WOMEN in their own right!

Happy Thanksgiving to them and to all our AMAZING patients!

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