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Nurse Mari: A LATISSE believer!


The following are sentiments of our very own Nurse Mari, a vital and longstanding member of our office team.  A naturalist at heart and not one to jump on new cosmetic treatments, Mari has become one of our biggest fans of LATISSE, the eyelash-lengthening treatment:

Nurse Mari loves LATISSE!

“Love, love, love my Latisse!  Fortunately, I was blessed with full eyelashes for most of my life, but as I was approaching my 60th birthday, I realized they were thinning and seemed shorter and somewhat fragile.  I contemplated trying Latisse for some time, but worried about possible eye irritation and/or change in the color of my eyes.

I started using Latisse last September. It is so easy to apply nightly to my upper lids!  Actually, it feels somewhat refreshing.  I experienced no eye irritation and noticed definite growth and thickening within six weeks. There was no change in my eye color.  I continue to apply Latisse to my upper eyelids every 2-3 nights for maintenance.

I have received many positive comments and most people think that I have eyelash extensions.  My husband would be most grateful if he could use Latisse to thicken and re-grow his head of hair!  I imagine that is not too far off, in the future.  But, for now, it definitely works for eyelashes.”


latisse6To learn more about LATISSE and whether this treatment is appropriate for you, complete our online request form or call 415-923-3067 today!

A visit to our office is necessary for a brief medical history, focused physical examination of your eye area and complete education about this eyelash-lengthening treatment.

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