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“New Year, New You”? Could there be something to this phrase often used by Plastic Surgeons?


Happy New Year from Dr. Karen Horton, Courtney McSpadden and HORTON SPA!

Many Plastic Surgeons capitalize on the New Year to help lure people into their practices with the slogan “New Year, New YOU!”.  While this is a phrase I always try to stay away from, there may in fact be something to it..

We all are human, we all make New Years’ resolutions (whether we say them aloud or admit to it or not), and we all want to put our best face and body forward!


Right about NOW is the time that the gyms and personal trainers that were originally slammed with new members are starting to become less busy, the diets and new workout regimes are starting to wane, and people tend to get back into their old ways and forget about their resolutions to “be healthier, exercise more, eat better, drink less alcohol”, or whatever the resolution for 2014 was.

In my practice and in our office, we encourage our patients and ourSELVES to put our best face forward every day.  We each aim to be healthy, both on the inside and the outside.  Some of the new and exciting products and services we have available to help do just that are the following:

CoolSculpting – NON-SURGICAL fat reduction with NO downtime, and minimal bruising or swelling!  Arrange a visit with our very own CoolSculpting expert Courtney McSpadden today!

Labiaplasty – A procedure that is certainly on the rise with Bay Area women!  A tidy, tucked-up neatly labia helps women young and old feel more comfortable with exercise, wearing bathing suits or yoga pants and in intimate situations…

Breast augmentation with a NATURAL result – I recommend silicone breast implants for most women and usually spare the pectoralis major muscle, placing the implants in the space right under the breast.  Learn more about this technique and why I recommend it to nearly all women!

Mommy Makeovers – A procedure that is INDIVIDUALIZED to each Mom based on their bodies and how pregnancy may have changed things, their personal anatomy, their specific wishes and their ability to have downtime.  A Mommy Makeover can include any or all of the following procedures:

Breast reconstruction after breast cancer or for BRCA gene-positive women – Both single-stage implant reconstruction and flap (tissue-based) reconstruction surgeries are offered in our advanced breast reconstruction reconstructive surgery practice.  Nipple-sparing mastectomy is our procedure of choice for women needing a mastectomy.  After lumpectomy and radiation therapy, local tissue rearrangement by a breast lift or reduction can achieve symmetry and beauty to the breasts as well, if a mastectomy is not needed.  Download our Advanced Breast Reconstruction pamphlet for more information.

We hope to see you and your loved ones in 2014 and to continue to help you to achieve your personal goals for your breasts, your body, your face and skin! 

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Karen Horton, M.D. and our fabulous office team



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