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Candid shots from our office staff photo shoot!


Karen Horton MD with Emily Sespaniak, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner of Horton SPA in San Francisco

This week, we had a fun (and chilly) photo shoot at Lafayette Park near our Pacific Heights office with professional photographer and good friend Emma Hopkins.

Since we have new office team members:  Jenny Do, our Front Office Manager and CoolSculpting expert, and Emily Sespaniak, Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner who has taken over Horton SPA, we needed some new images for our website, brochures and other promotional and educational materials.

We headed out early in the morning one block away from our office to this beautiful location with a great view of the San Francisco Bay.

We are pleased to share some background shots taken by our staff (missing from these images are Nurse Mari, Jenny Do and Sharron Wong, who will visible on our updated website).  See some of the behind-the-scenes action…


Emily Sespaniak, NP and Karen Horton, MD posing for new images for our website and Horton SPA brochure


Mary Pasache, our 20+ year Patient Coordinator and Office Manager, looking radiant in all white


I had to take my shoes off for some of the shots (brrrr on wet grass!)


Emma really gets into taking the shots, rolling all over the ground!


In between shots, we huddled together to stay warm!


Lighting is the most important factor for a successful shot, as per Emma. She always brings an assistant photographer with her who also learns from her expertise.


Posing in strange positions for some of the shots – Emma is the boss; we do what we’re told!


This park is very popular with dogs; we often had to wait until they left the background to get the shot!



Unofficial image title: Dr. Karen Horton and pug…


Emma Hopkins knows how to bring out a natural smile in any situation: Dr. Karen Horton at her San Francisco photo shoot

IMG_0035 IMG_0001

Emma Hopkins is an incredible photographer!  Click on her headshot to go to her website.

To visit Emma Hopkins website, click on this picture!

Thank you to Emma Hopkins for a memorable morning, office staff bonding and beautiful images that will be added to our website and office brochures soon!  It is always a pleasure to work with her; Emma brings out everyone’s natural glow and makes taking boring head shots fun.

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