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Important Information About Mommy Makeovers

resize-shutterstock_141349798A Mommy Makeover truly is an incredible and exciting spectrum of procedures! No woman is the same, and each patient’s goals for their post-pregnancy makeover are unique. Therefore, Mommy Makeover surgery is personalized specifically to each patient on an individual basis. As I tell my patients, “Your goals are MY goals!”

Most Moms want to feel and look their best. They take pride in their appearance, as they should! Mothers these days are fit, active and healthy, instilling values in their children of good eating habits and regular exercise to stay healthy throughout their lifetime. They ARE healthy, and they want their bodies to reflect their responsible, active lifestyles.

Is there an ideal size or shape of breasts, tummies, hips or thighs? Definitely NOT.

We are not all waif-like models like Kate Moss from the 90s, and we don’t all have curvaceous backsides like the Kardashian family this decade. What is popular in fashion changes from year to year, and we do not always fit into the skinny jeans, midriff-bearing or micro-miniskirt styles that our daughters or 20-year-olds might be wearing this moment.

What do Moms universally want for their bodies? Women want their breasts to be proportional to their frame, and to be able to shop and fit into the same size swimsuit or outfit on the top as the bottom. Small-breasted women often say they felt more proportional during the period of breastfeeding, and they usually mourn the loss of breast volume that occurs after pregnancy. These Moms just want to fill out a swimsuit top and feel feminine again!

Other mothers were always able to diet and exercise a little harder and get their bodies back before having kids, but after the second or third child, no matter what they do, their bodies are different! Being a mother of twins myself,I get it! I’ve been there and face the same struggles as most mothers. No one’s body is perfect, and we all are our own worst critics.

We all work hard to get back into shape after having kids, but sometimes there are areas we cannot fix on our own at the gym or with months of hard work with a personal trainer. It is frustrating, to say the least! That’s where Plastic Surgery can help…SOMETIMES.

Not everyone is a candidate for Plastic Surgery and a Mommy Makeover. Not every Mom needs or wants a procedure. Some people are morally against having cosmetic surgery, and that is perfectly fine! Not every patient who visits my office and who expresses interest in surgery is appropriate to have a Mommy Makeover.

As a Plastic Surgeon in private practice, I am my own boss! I have no problem saying “no” to patients if I feel they are not a good candidate for a procedure, especially if I have concerns about their expectations not being met by what is possible (and not possible), or if they have a lack of moral or emotional support during the recovery period.

“I get to know my patients head to toe, inside and out,” is what I tell new patients. What is going on in their personal and professional lives, outside stressors and other details of their personal situation are often the most important bits of information we glean from the initial consultation.

I treat my patients with the care and attention I give to my good friends or family members. I treat each patient as a partner in their care, rather than with an “I-know-better-than-you-as-your-surgeon” attitude. The Doctor-patient relationship is intimate and intense for a relatively short period of time, and trust is the most important component of this relationship for a successful outcome.

Performing Mommy Makeovers is approximately 60% of my practice, with breast cancer reconstruction making up the rest of how I spend my time in the operating room. I love what I do, and it’s an honor and a privilege to care for my patients and help them to achieve their personal goals for surgery!

Dr. Karen Horton, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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