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In a breast reconstruction patient’s words…

“My friend took this picture of me with a henna tattoo in the middle of chemo trying to embrace and play around with all the changes.”

I believe you can learn the most from speaking to others who have walked in your shoes and who are a few steps ahead of you.  

That’s why I always provide new patients at least three patient references.  Sometimes, patients share with me via email their experiences once they have had time to fully heal and reflect.  I am honored to share this patient’s story and thoughts with you:  

“I had large breasts all of my life and when I finally decided at the age of 37 to have a reduction, I spent a great deal of time researching potential surgeons.

I work in health care and had already heard of Dr. Horton from patients I have seen that went to her and loved her.  I picked 3 surgeons and then set out to meet them and see what they said about my options.

It was 100% clear once I met Dr. Horton that she was the one. There are many reasons why I chose her over the others, but the most important one was that she did not tell me what size she was going to make me, rather, she said she would make me still look like me but more proportional to my body and frame. Perfect!

She is truly an artist and she takes pride in her work and her outcomes which is exactly what I feel one should want in a Plastic Surgeon.

Her honest and personable approach also created a very warm and trusting relationship where I felt like I could ask her anything and I knew she would be honest with me.  After my surgery, I was thrilled with the outcome and only wished I had done it sooner!

A few years later at age 40 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Having breast cancer requires a team of doctors and nurses and I didn’t know at first who my Oncologist was going to be, but I definitely knew who my Plastic Surgeon would be for reconstruction and I build my surgical team around who was able to work with Dr. Horton.

In a very difficult and scary time of my life, she swept in and was steadfast in her determination that I’d have the best outcome possible. Her positivity was so helpful during that time.  I feel strongly that her skills and approach provides women with more options than what I see from most other places and most of the other mastectomy pictures I have seen in pictures and in person. I was very nervous about my outcomes for reconstruction after radiation but everything went smoothly.

She gave me her honest opinion about all the options and was supportive of all my decisions and partnered with me the whole time. Needless to say I am stunned at the final outcome. My two new breasts look so much better than I could have ever imagined especially after all that I had been through with the reduction and then treatment for cancer.

Dr. Horton’s skills are impeccable and her outcomes are amazing. I can attest to this not only from my own experience, but also from seeing her work on other women. Everyone I have met who has gone to her loves her. She really is the best at what she does. I feel very lucky and I have a profound sense of gratefulness that I had her as my Plastic Surgeon and she should be honored for her dedication and service to all the women in the Bay Area and beyond who are affected with breast cancer. She’s just the best!

“Halfway through radiation when the burn started to settle in…”

I had radiation to my right breast as part of my treatment for breast cancer. The radiation was targeting the breast and axillary areas as well as the skin because I had biopsy proven skin involvement at the time of diagnosis. I started to use Calendula cream twice a day as soon as the radiation started to try to prevent skin toxicity severity. By the end of treatment I had what looked like a very bad sunburn. My team of radiation experts were offering me many types of topical creams and lotions such as Medi-Honey, Calendula, Silver Nitrate, etc. They all seemed to be the same, just offering basic moisture but nothing more.

I saw Dr. Horton for a routine follow up at the completion of Radiation and she told me about the success another one of her patients had with Neocutis Bio-restorative Hydrogel.
I figured it couldn’t hurt and hoped it would be more helpful than all the other creams I had tried.

I started to use this cream everyday along with a zero form gauze on top and then an ace wrap. I started to notice improvements in 2-3 days and after a week my skin was almost completely healed! I was amazed! I continued with the cream for several weeks after the redness subsided and the hyper-pigmentation of my skin is not bad at all for what could have happened. I feel this cream absolutely made all the difference and I would recommend it to everyone! To me, it definitely seemed to produce much better results than what I had been getting from all the other creams and lotions.

Once again Dr Horton provided the best of the best!

Thank you for everything! I can’t express enough the gratitude I have for all that you have done for me! XO ~K”

Thank you to this lovely patient for sharing her story with the world!  Her before and after images can be seen here.  
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