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Cosmopolitan Consults Dr. Karen Horton on Dark-Circle Creams and Under-Eye Treatments


Dark circles under the eyes are such a common beauty concern that there are thousands of skincare products dedicated to this small, delicate area. Cosmopolitan recently reached out to Dr. Horton as a Plastic Surgery expert to give readers a better understanding of what causes under-eye circles.

Some people may experience temporary under-eye trouble after a sleepless night, but many more suffer from chronic dark circles that are the result of genetics or aging. While eye creams and serums can help disguise the appearance of under-eye circles, they cannot “cure” them.

dark circles under eyes Dr. Horton explains that as age-related volume loss occurs in the face, dark circles can actually be “the dark-reddish hue of the muscle below” showing through thin under-eye skin. Anatomy is the real reason why dark circles are visible.

Is There an Effective Treatment for Under-Eye Circles?

Cosmopolitan shares several product recommendations that may help moisturize or cover up the skin around the eyes, but Plastic Surgeons and other skin experts agree that over the counter topical products are limited in their ability to repair under-eye circles.

cucumbers on eyes A more effective treatment for dark circles may be injectable dermal fillers. Dermal fillers can restore lost volume to plump the under-eye area and fill in the tear troughs that create a hollow look under the eyes. The light will not as easily shine through thin skin to reveal the dark circle underneath.

Dermal fillers offer long-lasting results and can often last for 1-2 years. Our office also offers exclusive medical grade skincare that can help maintain a more youthful appearance.

A more permanent solution is fat grafting to the undereye area, but this is not usually recommended as an initial treatment. A final solution is a good waterproof concealer!

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