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My Approach to Plastic Surgery for Men vs. Women

men vs women plastic surgeryMen should look like men, not women. Particularly for procedures of the face, we maintain a masculine appearance and normal contour to a man’s neckline and hairline. While there are some men recently in the media who are transforming themselves to look more like a woman – as well as other men who have had facelifts where they look different and even a little scary – this is not the kind of Plastic Surgery men in my office seek.

Men interested in a facelift or neck lift want to look youthful, refreshed and vital – still like themselves, only better! Therefore, a different approach is taken for the male facelift and neck lift. In general, scars are shorter and hidden in natural creases of the face or neck, the male sideburn is respected and maintained, the earlobes are preserved and not altered, and facial hair is not disrupted.

Likewise, for male body contouring procedures, the male “android” figure to the body is respected and maintained. Women have a “gynecoid” figure, with a narrow waist and fuller hips and thighs. Men, on the other hand, have broad shoulders, a V-shaped back, and narrow hips. When men seek body contouring, whether it involves liposuction or surgical excision such as an abdominoplasty or body lift, we preserve the male contours of the body so that they maintain the masculine form.

For a male abdominoplasty or body lift, incisions are designed to be hidden in bathing suit bottoms or in their underwear. The belly button should maintain its masculine form, which is different than a woman’s belly button. Additional liposuction is often performed together with a male tummy tuck, but it is designed with the male form in mind and maintains the normal shape of a man’s belly and trunk region.

Regardless of the procedure employed, we strive to help men achieve their goals while still maintaining the masculine appearance they desire.

Dr. Karen Horton, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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