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What Does Inverted Nipple Correction Entail?

nipple surgery san francisco caThe correction of inverted nipples involves cutting some or all of the tight bands causing this condition in order to allow the nipple to come out and assume an “everted” (outwardly projecting), erect position and more normal appearance. Performed in the office under local anesthesia – using loupe magnification and microsurgical principles as well as dissolving stitches – a small, semi-circular incision is made along the undersurface of the base of the nipple in its natural curvature.

The nipple is released from its inverted position by dividing tight constricting bands one at a time until adequate correction is achieved. The nipple is then held up in its corrected position using a removable suspensory stitch (acting like a marionette string) and a special, custom-designed splint shaped like a tiny donut to protect and support the repair.

inverted nippleInverted nipple repair takes approximately 30-45 minutes to perform and has about one week of downtime (during which exercise is not permitted but light activities can occur). A waterproof dressing is applied, and showering can typically resume the next day. Postoperative discomfort is usually minimal, generally requiring Tylenol or a mild narcotic for the first 24 hours. Work outside the home can be resumed in a day or two, and the splint, dressing and waterproof cover can be well-hidden in a normal bra.

The ideal repair of an inverted nipple will create a normal and pleasing everted nipple position, and it will retain the ability of the nipple to contract and become erect with touch or cold. Additionally, the nipple should regain normal sensation and retain the ability for milk to travel through the breast ducts in order to nurse a baby after pregnancy. The scar is typically hidden in the natural undersurface of the nipple and is usually imperceptible even to the surgeon after several months!

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