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How Is In-Office Liposuction of the Neck Performed in Men?

neck fat

Liposuction of the neck area can PERMANENTLY remove fat in this area, as a simple office procedure with approximately one week of downtime. Click on this image to learn more!

Liposuction of the neck and chin is so popular with men!  Simple removal of fat in this area can dramatically transform a man’s jaw line and make him look thinner, trimmer and more youthful.

For the neck area, up to a cup of fat can be permanently removed using liposuction that is performed under local anesthesia with the patient awake, in the office.  No pain is experienced during the fat removal procedure.

The only potential temporary discomfort (lasting minutes) typically felt is during injection of fluid called “wetting solution” or “tumescent solution” into the areas of fat to be treated, via a tiny incision hidden in a crease under the chin.

The wetting solution is allowed to permeate the fat deposit and cause constriction of blood vessels, minimizing bruising and making the area completely numb for the procedure.


Before liposuction of the neck and chin area in a man, front view.


After neck liposuction in a man. Fat cells are permanently removed using a tiny incision hidden in the crease of the chin. The double chin is forever gone!









Next, through the same tiny incision, a blunt-ended wand known as a liposuction cannula is introduced, moving in a fan-like distribution and permanently removing fat cells via suction tubing attached to a powerful aspirator. The entire procedure generally takes less than 45 minutes, and a single dissolving stitch is placed to close the incision.

Following the operation, a postoperative compression garment called a chin strap is placed to speed up absorption of the fluid and swelling by the body, encourage skin contraction upward to mold the neck and create a thinner, more defined neck contour. The chin strap should be worn 23 hours a day for the first few days up to a week, as well as when at home or sleeping until all bruising as resolved (usually one to two weeks).


Before liposuction of the neck and chin area in a man, side view.


After neck liposuction in a man. Notice the more defined jawline and overall slimmer contour to the neck and chin.

Men can generally shower the next day, and exercise can resume in one to two weeks. Male patients usually take at least a few days off of going into the office or meeting with clients, continuing to work remotely at home during their first few days after neck liposuction.

Results are typically evident within a few days, with firm areas of swelling known as “edema” palpable for several weeks, and the full results evident by six to eight weeks. Occasionally, lymph nodes in this region can be felt and be somewhat tender for up to three months after surgery as the body clears residual swelling and byproducts, similar to when the body is fighting a cold.

As long as men continue their normal regimen of eating healthy, regular exercise and respecting their investment in their neck contour, results are permanent!

Liposuction of the neck in men is a simple, effective office procedure with permanent results and a dramatic improvement in the jaw contour.  Liposuction achieves do what NO other trendy sounding machine or non-surgical gimmick can do – takes pounds off a man’s facial appearance, gets rid of the double chin and restores a youthful neck to a masculine patient in a long-lasting way!

– Dr. Karen Horton, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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