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Establishing Expectations for Breast Reduction: Part II

expectations for breast reductionWe can never guarantee a final cup size (aiming for a “B” versus a “C” or “D” cup), but a breast reduction can make a woman’s breasts the “right size for her body.” I have performed over 2,000 breast reductions, and I determine during surgery the very best size and proportion for a woman’s curves, body shape, and her lifestyle on an individual basis. The final cup size can take three months or more to be evident after surgery, and each patient will need to be properly measured and sized by a professional brassiere fitter (such as at Nordstrom) or a professional lingerie stylist to determine the best bra size, make, and model for her individual body and activities.

Breasts always have some degree of asymmetry, and 100% perfect symmetry cannot be guaranteed – “Breasts are like snowflakes, no two are exactly the same.” While the goal is the best possible symmetry of size and shape, there may be slight differences between the breasts after surgery that are completely natural and normal.

Breast reductions are often covered by insurance, but obtaining pre-authorization for surgery can be a challenge, and additional supporting documentation and letters are often required from a patient’s Family Doctor or Internist. Documentation evidence must show that their physical symptoms are caused by the large size, weight, and pendulousness of the breasts rather than other causes such as spinal disorders. Often, a specific weight of breast tissue to be removed is dictated by the insurance company before surgery will be approved. I can usually accurately estimate whether this weight is achievable and realistic on physical examination during a breast reduction consultation. My website offers additional information about breast reduction surgery, obtaining insurance authorization, and examples of the types of documents often requested in advance of approval for a breast reduction by insurance companies.

Karen Horton, MD

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