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Can I Wear Earrings After Earlobe Repair Surgery?

small hoop earlobe

If a piercing is still desired despite having an earlobe repair, the area can be re-pierced at the time of earlobe surgery. I usually recommend my patients purchase an inexpensive pair of small hoops made of sterling silver, surgical steel or gold that are no larger than a dime in their diameter.

These metals are not generally irritating to the skin and will not cause discoloration like cheap metal that contains nickel. Hoop earrings such as these can be found at any local jewelry shop, including Claire’s – a chain store found in many malls, for as little as $10.

I ask my patients to bring these earrings with them to their surgery, and I will re-pierce their earlobe at the end of the surgery so that they are able to leave the office with normal-looking earlobes and a new piercing all in one day! The hoop earrings should be left in place for at least six weeks after surgery, and instructions on how to care for the new piercing will be provided. These instructions typically include rotating the hoop through the hole at least twice a day, and applying antibiotic ointment twice daily for the first few days up to a week.

Following this six-month period, my long-term recommendation for most men and women is to limit the weight of the earrings you wear, and if you must, try to only wear the fancy, heavy ones for special events, making sure to take them off as soon as possible afterward.


If you go to the trouble of having your lobules repaired, it is worth it to protect the area so you get the most benefit! Some women and men have earlobes that are prone to stretching or creasing with age, time or traction (such as with heavy or large earrings). You can’t change your genetics or strengthen your tissue naturally, but you can prevent future trauma or damage to your earlobes after a surgical repair.

– Dr. Karen Horton, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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