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Breast Augmentation – The goal is always a NATURAL result

Most women who come to see me for a breast augmentation are either full-time Moms or professional women.  Their goal is to regain the fullness in their breasts that has been lost from either pregnancy and/or breast feeding, weight loss, or just from age and time.

Many of my patients state that they do NOT want to look “fake”, “done” or like many of the celebrities that sport overinflated and obviously augmented breasts in the media.

In fact, lately many women have been specifically requesting to have smaller and perkier breasts that will enhance but maintain their natural, athletic and toned figure.  They state that “smaller breasts are in”, as can be found in Brazil and other countries where a smaller and shapely but perkier breast is the norm.

As a Mom myself, I understand firsthand the changes that take place after having children.  I in fact am looking forward to my own Mommy Makeover in the future!

My goals for women are always THEIR goals – that is, we can achieve whatever aesthetic they are going for.  There is a wide variety of breast implant sizes and shapes, volumes and projections, and we can always find the right fit between the tools we have available and a woman’s specific goals for her body.

To learn more about breast augmentation, visit the question-and-answer educational section on this procedure, and visit the breast augmentation photo gallery to see before and after images of breast enhancement.

Breast augmentation can be part of a Mommy Makeover, or is a wonderful procedure on its own for women who wish to have fuller breasts with a NATURAL result, similar to how they look in a (padded) bra.

Both saline and silicone gel implants are available, and sizes can range from as little as 50 cc up to 800 cc.

To learn about whether breast augmentation and Plastic Surgery is something that might be appropriate for you, visit our Preparing for Surgery section and Postoperative Instructions areas of our website.

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