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What Makes Liposuction so Popular for Men?

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Liposuction by Dr. Karen Horton in San Francisco can treat several different areas of the male body.

The most popular surgical procedure men seek in my office is, without a doubt, liposuction! Liposuction is an outpatient surgical procedure that permanently removes fat from specific areas of the body using tiny incisions, a vacuum and postoperative compression garments to help mold the skin over its new underlying form. It is not a treatment for obesity or weight loss; instead, liposuction in men is for body contouring. It spot-reduces specific deposits of fat that persist despite maintaining a regular exercise routine, eating a healthy diet and normal portions of food, and doing all a guy can to achieve a healthy weight and look his best.

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Most men I see in consultation for liposuction and body contouring are fed up that while the rest of their body looks pretty good, certain areas cannot be improved with their efforts. This is where liposuction can help! In fact, there is no other surgical procedure in Plastic Surgery that can permanently remove this stubborn, persistent fat that remains despite being fit, healthy, and active.

The most common areas men seek to improve are their abdomen, flanks, and back, as well as sometimes their pubic region, thighs, or armpit area. Every man is different, as are his trouble areas where fat can accumulate and stay despite his best efforts. Some men find that despite being the same weight they were in college, they have accumulated extra fat in their neck region that obscures the normal contour of their neck and creates an “obtuse angle”, rather than the chiseled jawline they used to have.

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Liposuction is NOT just for the ladies! Men of all ages, sizes, ethnicities and professions want to look their best. We can help!

Unfortunately, these annoying and persistent fat deposits that men complain about are usually genetic and can be related to the natural aging process. Ideal candidates for liposuction are men who are relatively fit to very athletic, who are of normal weight (or as close as possible to their ideal weight with good skin tone and elasticity), and who are psychologically stable and in a good situation personally and professionally. Chaos in one’s life is never a good situation when planning a Plastic Surgical procedure, and if a man has a particular weight loss or fitness goal, I encourage them to do their best to achieve those goals prior to planning any procedure, including liposuction.

– Karen Horton, MD

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