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Welcome to the new Dr. Karen Horton Website!

Welcome to the new website, and to the very first blog post in our new online location.  Former posts are still available through the Women’s Plastic Surgery blog.

This new website has been a long time coming, with innumerable hours of planning and preparation, writing content in a format that EVERYONE can easily understand, answering basic questions about each surgical procedure, selecting representative preoperative and postoperative photographs, and sharing authentic testimonials from actual thank-you cards received over the years from our many fabulous patients.

We hope that you find our website INFORMATIVE, EDUCATIONAL and EMPOWERING.

Blog posts will be written to elaborate on the content featured in this site, to add additional interesting facts and figures about Plastic Surgery, comment on news headlines or real events related to women, Plastic Surgery, beauty, breast cancer and non-surgical rejuvenative procedures, and to share real patient stories and experiences with you.

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~ Dr. Karen Horton

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