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For our patients and people in general: A great infographic about ways to reduce STRESS!


We all have stress.  I do, as a Plastic Surgeon, a Mom of toddler twins, a woman and a regular person!  No one is immune to stress.

Stress can be GOOD stress or BAD stress.  I know that when I am under the gun to reach a deadline, when the pressure is on and I am well-rested, in a comfortable setting and well-nourished, I get a ton of great work done in a short period of time!  Not all stress is a bad thing.

However, extreme stress in a negative setting can create havoc on the body and have negative consequences on health.  We do not want to take on stressed-out patients who have too much going on, without support from their loved ones or work colleagues and who are not “in a good place”.  The best time to have Plastic Surgery is “when the waters are calm”.  However, we often do not have control over the situations that cause them stress.


We encourage our patients in their preoperative visit to try their best to decrease stress about their surgery/non-surgical procedure at Horton SPA, and to put their energy toward healing.  Having additional stress increases circulating levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, it can interfere with sleep, appetite and make the Plastic Surgery experience less positive than it should be!

The following is a cute and informative infographic about STRESS, its effect on the body and simple, everyday ways we can help alleviate bad stress and use good stress to our advantage!  Everyone could benefit from this information:  read on!


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