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Happy 2013! New Year, New You

Happy New Year from Horton SPA!

We all have our “New Year’s Resolutions”, or things we’d like to improve about ourselves as we see the calendar change to a new year. For many people, this involves starting a new healthy habit, or quitting an old bad habit. Some may choose to join a gym (or actually use the gym they already pay dues for!) because they want to look and feel good… but what about your face?? Certainly, exercise gives us a “healthy glow” and helps reduce the appearance of bloating, but unfortunately it cannot reverse the signs of aging in our faces. In fact, the bitter irony of losing weight after middle age is that when you lose weight in your face, you actually will see more wrinkles and lines!

WHAT?!? Think about it: fat puffs your skin out, but when you lose fat, your skin has already been stretched. Unfortunately, in your 40’s and beyond, the skin doesn’t “snap back” the way it used to. Does this mean you shouldn’t get in shape and lose weight to be healthy? No… but it means you may need a visit to your favorite Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner to help you look your best.

While your checkbook may still be recovering from the holidays, this is actually the best time of the year to get started on your non-invasive skin care treatments. “Why?” you ask??

  • Less sun exposure in winter– many treatments that improve the appearance of your skin tone, such as facial peels and IPL photofacials, can only be performed safely if you have NOT been in the sun recently or tanning.
  • You want to be looking your best this summer– most cosmetic treatments that don’t require major downtime are designed to be done in a series in 4-6. If you start now you will be done by summer! Whether it’s vein treatments on your legs, removal of that crazy birthmark you don’t want anyone to see when you wear a swimsuit, or just improving the general appearance of your skin, now is the time to get started because real results take time.
  • All that sun damage you got last summer– time to get rid of it! IPL treatments reduce sun spots, melasma, broken capillaries, generalized redness, and improve the uneven tone and overall appearance of your skin.
  • Your skincare needs change in the winter– is your skin looking dull, flaky, irritated or dehydrated? Chances are you are still using the skin care products that worked great for you during the warmer season. I recommend my patients see me at least twice a year for a Skin Care Consultation to re-evaluate their skin, as it changes when the weather does! During the winter you need creamier, richer skin care products and a lighter sunscreen. Our medical-grade skin products last about 3-4 months if used daily. When you run out of your old products, it’s time to re-evaluate how they are working for you and consult your skin care expert to see if it’s time for a change.
  • Horton SPA offers money-saving deals around the holidays as a “Thank You” for being loyal clients! Call our office for details!  Call 415-923-3067 or complete our online consultation request form today!

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