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My thoughts and commentary on the E! reality show “Botched”

Tonight, the reality show “Botched” aired on E! entertainment television.  While I regularly perform breast revision surgery for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes, my first impression when seeing the intro and some of the patients snippets was “Wait, WHAT?”! “Revision Plastic Surgery” describes surgical procedures designed to redo and correct […]

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Do Plastic Surgery results have to look ‘plastic’?

Does all Plastic Surgery have to look ‘plastic’?  OF COURSE NOT. The Bay Area, and San Francisco in particular, has a natural, conservative aesthetic and most patients we see in the office do NOT want to look different, ‘done’, ‘frozen’, startled, or ‘plastic’! An immobile, strange-looking face that is immediately […]

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A Patient’s CoolSculpting Journey – What Can You Expect?

The following is a testimonial from a CoolSculpting patient in our office.  She was asked to detail her experience with this exciting new non-surgical fat reduction treatment, and she was kind enough to pass along to others her thoughts and feelings about CoolSculpting! “I wanted to describe my personal journey […]

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