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Post from an anonymous patient: “10 things I wish I’d known before my Mommy Makeover”

This is a WONDERFUL article written by a woman who has had a “Mommy Makeover” procedure.Disclosure:  This is not a patient that I have treated.  This mother  summarizes her experience eloquently, in a lighthearted, painfully honest and sincere manner. I believe that any woman considering a Mommy Makeover can benefit from the article […]

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Why I chose CoolSculpting

Working in non-surgical medical aesthetics, I am constantly bombarded with the latest products, treatments and procedures with claims to be the newest, best thing out there. I have learned to take all this with the proverbial grain of salt, because the person telling me how fabulous their product or treatment […]

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“New Year, New You”? Could there be something to this phrase often used by Plastic Surgeons?

Happy New Year from Dr. Karen Horton, Courtney McSpadden and HORTON SPA! Many Plastic Surgeons capitalize on the New Year to help lure people into their practices with the slogan “New Year, New YOU!”.  While this is a phrase I always try to stay away from, there may in fact […]

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My Unique Breast Reconstruction Offering

Many patients specifically seek me out as their Plastic Surgeon for breast reconstruction because I offer a technique not performed by many other Plastic Surgeons: single-stage immediate implant reconstruction during which implants are placed ON TOP of the pectoralis major muscle. Most women are only offered the traditional two-stage tissue […]

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